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Here are some of my Favorite Teddy Bear Sites

Paws '2' Sew is a Teddy Bear Supply Shop.  Please have a look at all the wonderful Fabric and supplies!!  Also they will be having a Spring Sale for the month of March/April 2007 so why not check it out!

Sarah Jane from Hooked on Bears

Gemma from Pumpkin and Pickle Bears

Anita from 

Catharine from Bumpkin Bears

Ree from Benebears

Claire from Merley Bears

Denise from Tuppies Teddies

Jennie from Sweden

Heather from

Sophie from

Annelie from
Klippies Creations

Shelli from

Tammy from

Matilda from

Teddy Bear Forums, Search Engines and MORE!
They are great fun and full of knowledge!

Bear Artists World Wide 


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