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Teddy Bears by Design


I have decided to do a Series of Bears.

The Series will be based on classes that I'm currently taking in Brazilian Embroidery.
I have just finished the 3rd Level and will hopefully be taking the 4th Level in the Fall of '08.

The Series of Bears call Fruits and Flowers will all have some Brazilian Embroidery somewhere on them and as you might have guessed it will either be a Fruit or Flower!!

Additionally there will only be 20 Bears made in the Series.  I'm not sure of the time frame in which I will complete all 20 bears but I will create and list them over the next 1 - 2 years!

Here are pics of all the Bears created to date!

Strawbeary.  Strawbeary is the 1st in the Series, she has been adopted and will be living in the USA.

FloraFlora is the 2nd in the Series and has yet to be adopted.  You can adopt Flora and see more pictures on my Bears for Adoption page!

Chryssie the Butterfly WhispererChryssie is 3rd in the Series she has been adopted and will be living in New Jersey.