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Hello and Welcome to Mo Bear Designs,

My name is Jane Blowes and I'm from a small Southern Alberta Town called Redcliff.  I have lived in Redcliff most of my life with my husband Steve and our daughter Tara. 

We have 2 grandchildren, Nikki and Hunter!  They are our joy and we are very fortunate that Tara, Mark and the kids live across the street from us.  We usually get to see Nikki and Hunter every day!

I have been making bears since 2003 and I started designing my own patterns in 2005.  I really enjoy bear making and for someone who didn't sew a stitch before bear making I have come along way!  Just ask my husband!!

I work full time so unfortunately bear making is a sideline.  I would love to make bears full time but I have to fund my mohair habit somehow!  

As for the name Mo Bear Designs.  When Nikki was born, as a joke, Steve started calling me Mo and the name stuck.  So now the grand kids call me Mo instead of Grandma - I actually like Mo better than Grandma.  So there grew Mo Bear Designs!

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me and I hope you will enjoy having a peek at my bears.  If you have any questions and would like to e-mail me please feel free to contact me at

Take Care and Big Bear Hugs to All,


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